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Periodes, uterogestaan en meer


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Ik heb twee IVF poging gehaad - allebei mislukt. In beide pogingen had ik bloed en daarna periode op dag 12 na de terugplaatsing. Ik nam nog uterogestaan tabletten. Ik dacht u niet uw periodes kunt beginnen terwijl u uterogestaan neemt. Heeft iedereen anders zulk een ervaring? Wat waren de verklaringen en de behandeling ?

Ook is mijn linkereierstok niet toegankelijk tijdens punctie wegens een fibroid groei. Helaas! alle eieren worden daar verspil. Heeft iedereen zulk een conditie? Hoe behandelt u het?

Mijn excuses voor mijn slecht Nederlands. Ik ben een buitenlander die hier woont. Ik zoek lokale hulp en informatie over dit onderwerp.

Alvast bedankt en ik wens iedereen sucess met de behandeling!




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Hoi jrn, bedankt voor jouw reactie. Het blijkt dat ons probleem niet zo `common' is!

Gefeliciteerd met jouw tweeling :-)

Na de tweede mislukt IVF poging heb ik een vervolgens afspraak op 6th March. Ik probeer hard om positief te blijven.

Ja, en een andere vraagje - heeft iemand ervaring met laproscopic punctie? Kun iemand hun ervaring met mij delen? welke ziekenhuis/procedure?

groetjes, vivid

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Dear `kind' WickedMir ;-),


Thanks for being understanding about my poor language skills. Though I write in english, any of you can reply in Dutch. I can perfectly understand but I do have problems writing in Dutch. I will write my situation again.


1. I have had 2 IVFs. In both cycles, I didn't have anything worthwhile to put in for freezing. Both cycles, I started bleeding on day 12 after putting back the embryos. I was still taking uterogestaan. I know it is not very common to bleed while you are on that drug. So I was just wondering if any of you had something similar, how did the doctors handle it for the next cycle etc etc. Jrn replied that she also had something similar. So looks like I am not the only one.


2. I also have a situation that my left ovary is not accessible for removing eggs as there is a fibroid that is on the way. So in both IVF attempts, all eggs in the left ovary went waste as they could not be removed :-( I find that sad as I am about 40 yrs and I am not producing them in large numbers anyways! I have read somewhere that in such a situation, the eggs can also be removed laproscopically. So my question was if someone else also is has such a problem - what did the doctors do about it and which hospital.


Any experiences, advice welcome. I am sorry that I can't express myself so clearly in dutch but please don't be put off by that. I can understand it quite well. Write back in dutch if you have anything to share with me.




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Hi Vivid,


I will do this in English, just a bit easier for you ^^


I have had a similar situation with my last IVF procedure: day 9 after replacement first signs of an upcoming period, day 12 it had arrived in full force.

Utrogestan can postpone a period, this is indeed common, but if there is no pregnancy it will arrive at some point. Because of this I am convinced that in my case ( and perhaps in yours also ) the estrogen levels are too low to begin with. In short the Utrogestan can't add enough hormones to 'trick' the body. Has this been checked with you? I assume they have done bloodwork where this has been checked?


Sadly I can't help you with any information since I have my own appointment with my doc this next Thursday. I am being treated in the fertility clinic of the Radboud hospital in Nijmegen. This question is on my 'to ask' list also. I will let you know what they have said to me and what they have suggested.


(Edit: nevermind , saw you had an appointment soon ) Since we only have one procedure left be assertive and ask them what you should do now, if your levels are ok, if they should be re-checked and perhaps it's advisable to add medication to help the estrogen 'problem'. Because of your age it is very important that everything is at its best in your body, if that means you should have additional medication to help with your hormone levels you should get them. Don't take no for an answer unless it makes sense to you.


As for the puncture laprascopy, it should be possible. I haven't found specific info on which hospitals do this procedure since it's not very common. Ask your doctor ( and if you have to, insist they look into that as an option for you ). I don't know if you are being treated in a hospital that has a specialised fertility clinic? If not maybe consider a second opinion at one.


Sorry I'm not much help at this point but I will let you know after my own appointment what has been said in regards of the Utrogestan.


Here's hoping for a good result, I will keep you posted and I hope you will do the same!


Edit: Just found out that the first IVF procedures back in the day were almost all laprascopy punctures so I do feel that procedure is still being done, albeit in specialised hospitals.

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Thanks for the reply. I will definitely keep you informed about the discussion I have with my doctors. I am being treated in Veldhoven. I wish you lots of luck too..and also everyone else reading this `vreemd' post ;-)



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Hey Vivid,


So we had our evaluation discussion with our doc today. She advised us to continue with our IVF procedure. I also asked about the Utrogestan. She explained that it's the only thing they can give me to help with the implantation. After the replacement of embryo's it's really out of their hands and it's the body that needs to take over. It can affect the menstruation in the sense that it will keep it away for the duration of using it. However if there is no implantation and the body 'works' properly it is very possible to have spotting and a full period while using Utrogestan. In my case it meant my luteal phase was just a tad too short this cycle.


They can't really help us any more at this point, given our situation and our health status. I'm sure it varies per person so I can only advise you to drill your own doctor thoroughly when you have your appointment. We are a classic case of 'too good for extra help/medication' as we are both healthy and have no issues with eggs, semen or other complications.


Sorry I wasn't much help for you with this but perhaps you can use me as an example during your talks with your own doctor and explain there are others with similar problems or something :)


Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and if you feel up for it update us on your situation/converstation.

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Thanks WickedMir for the prompt feedback. So when do you have the next IVF? Is there any change with the medicine dosage/protocol?

I can understand this case of `too good for extra medication/diagnosis'. Couple of years back I had a spontaneous pregnacy but lost my pregnancy in 20 weeks. Thus it becomes very difficult for the medical team to think that something could be wrong with me. At times I feel so confused and lost. Something is definitely wrong and I wish someone would find it and fix it!!!!

anyways, I will have more updates next tuesday when I have my appointment.

I wish you goodluck with everything.


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Hey WickedMir,


I had an appointment at the hospital today. Apparently, it is not too uncommon to have periods while using utrogestaan. Regarding estrogen supplements - the body produces enough estrogen in the stimulation phase which is manifested as a thick uterus lining. Since the lining is OK, there is no reason to believe that estrogen levels are not OK. So no supplements!

On the inaccessibility of left ovary - they have suggested to look at it laproscopicaly and correct the position if something is amiss. But again this procedure is elective. I am not sure what I should do. Primarily I do not want to lose more than a month's time if I agree to the surgery. Something I need to think hard about.

So that is the update from my side. Hope all is going fine with you.


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