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  1. Hi RocketStar, 

    You can also try International Health center in the Hague, when i discussed that with my huisarts to be referred to Wetering Center in Amsterdam, she said there is a good gyneacologist at the Health center itself (Belgian or German) who was specialised in infertility/subfertility and actually could do it in the future if I would proceeed. I feel your frustration, i am in the same shoes, a long story .Good luck!

  2. Hi, also VivaNeo in Leiderdorp (the ones who I visited first) refuses to do that. I am honestly wondering if this is legal. I have a referral letter from my GP, can they refuse to do the monitoring I have been prescribed??? I am seriously risking another month due to bureaucracy and I cannot travel to Belgium for the monitoring. Even if I wanted to have the IVF in the Netherlands the waiting list is tremendous... :(
  3. Hi, Thank you all for the answers! I didn't manage as I should have started taking pills before knowing if I could do the checks... I didn't want to bet, I don't want to play with my body in this moment. I only managed to get an appointment on the 2nd of February to discuss with a doctor if I can have an appointment for the checks :( . Now in March borders with Belgium should hopefully reopen again, at least I have more time to arrange. Yes, I feel sooo frustrated... After one year of trials, I have lost other six months between call, make the first appointment, first ge
  4. Thanks a lot Paulma, I didn't know about this possibility, I've checked and my insurance allows this. I will try for next cycle, I had a full day of calls and I found no one able to ensure an ultrasound and blood test for February 5th, when I needed it. That's very bad when you feel time is running away from your hands. Thanks again!
  5. Hi, I'm sorry if I write in English but I don't speak Dutch yet so fluently. I am an expat of almost 37yo, I started being treated in Belgium by Dott. Platteau and I need to perform monitoring here in the Netherlands due to the travel ban. Do you know a center in Den Haag that would allow me to have follicular development monitoring and hormonal blood test without waiting 2 months for a first appointment? If this is not possible I need to interrupt the current treatment and restart God knows when. I know the Dutch health system but I am wondering if there's a way to get

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